A Game Changer in Fluid Management

An exclusive closer look at the
Fluent® Fluid Management System and how to optimise Operative Hysteroscopy

Speakers: Dr Roy Jackson,
B.Sc., MB.BCh., F.R.C.S



Introducing FLUENT -

A Game Changer in
Hysteroscopic Fluid

Speakers: Miss Olivia Barney,
Dr Pandelis Athanasias


Enhanced control and efficiency designed for better patient care1

Simple and easy to use, the Fluent Fluid Management System works seamlessly with the integrated MyoSure® Tissue Removal System, together with the Omni Hysteroscope, to streamline your workflow in any patient setting.

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“You can really prevent 1 in 5 or 1 in 6 patients from an extra procedure"

Dr David van der Ham,
Gynecologist at the Martini Ziekenhuis Groningen, The Netherlands

Introducing the Fluent Fluid Management System

The Fluent Fluid Management System is designed to maintain consistent intra-uterine distention, provide accurate fluid deficit readings and manage fluid throughout a hysteroscopic procedure, giving you greater control and visibility for clinical confidence and decision making.2-3 It is simple to use with consolidated tubing and connections, providing a cost effective solution in any setting.

The colour-coded, easy-to-install FloPak cartridges, with integrated tissue trap, are intended to reduce assembly steps and set-up time with a single 6L waste bag for fluid collection.

Meaning more patients can be safely treated and nurses have time to focus on patient care.


Advanced pressure and accurate fluid deficit readings to help gynaecologists:

  • Perform cases with less interruption
  • Make informed clinical decisions during procedures
  • Start and end procedures on time
  • Have greater control for safe, fast and effective tissue removal procedures in any setting

Giving nurses confidence in the set-up and running of a procedure, helping to:

  • Shorten turnaround time between cases
  • Reduce delays during the procedure
  • Detect and correct problems using the intuitive interface
  • Focus on patient care

An improved workflow and cost savings for your department:

  • Improved workflow for greater productivity and shorter turnover between cases
  • Reduced spending on equipment such as canisters and distention fluid
  • Inventory management with 1-SKU ordering

We are delighted to share testimonials from healthcare professionals who have experienced the benefits of the Fluent Fluid Management System in their institutions.

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Dr. David van der Ham,

Martini Ziekenhuis Groningen, The Netherlands

Features and benefits

Intuitive touch screen
Provides automated guidance with onscreen instructions and troubleshooting guides

Integrated tissue trap
Helps simplify the connections and steps needed during set-up

Snap-on In-FloPak / out-FloPak cartridge
Simple set-up and consolidated tubing

Dual-scale fluid deficit monitoring
Accurate fluid deficit readings within +/- 50 mL3

Built in MyoSure® controller
Maximises space in the operating room, with two systems in one

Single Waste Bag
Eliminates the need for multiple canisters

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