What you need to know about the Fluent System

What is the Fluent system?

The Fluent system is inspired by input from healthcare professionals who have endured the complexities of fluid management firsthand. Its intuitive operation can streamline hysteroscopic procedures and support fluid management guideline recommendations.

View the BSGE / ESGE guidelines below:

Fluid Management Guideline

Simplified setup and operation
  • FloPak™ cartridges snap into place for simplified setup
  • Intuitive touchscreen automatically guides setup and operation
  • Single-waste-bag design eliminates the need for multiple canisters
Advanced technology designed to increase clinical confidence
  • Accurate Fluid Deficit Readings within +/- 50 mL (1.69 oz)1
  • Advanced Pressure Control maintains consistent intrauterine distention2*
  • FloPak™ technology helps manage fluid use throughout the procedure

*When operating with a MyoSure device in a bench test environment in a uterine model (N = 20)

Streamlined workflow for the entire team
  • Visual & audible alerts keep the procedure moving efficiently
  • Procedure kits give nurses all the components they need in one SKU
  • Less Equipment Required with integrated MyoSure® controller to help conserve space


Hear about hands-on experience with the Fluent system

  1. Hologic, Inc. Data on file, bench testing. DTP-00737.
  2. Hologic, Inc. Data on file, bench testing. DTP-00591.

The MyoSure® tissue removal system, consisting of the MyoSure tissue removal devices (LITE, REACH, XL) and MyoSure controller, is intended for hysteroscopic intrauterine procedures by trained gynecologists to resect and remove tissue including submucous myomas, endometrial polyps, and retained products of conception. The MyoSure MANUAL hysteroscopic tissue removal device is intended for intrauterine use by a trained gynecologist to hysteroscopically resect and remove tissue, including focal lesions such as endometrial polyps and retained products of conception. MyoSure products are not appropriate for patients who are or may be pregnant, or are exhibiting pelvic infection, cervical malignancies, or previously diagnosed uterine cancer.

For more details on risks and benefits of the MyoSure system, MyoSure MANUAL tissue removal device, MyoSure hysteroscope and the Aquilex® fluid control system, please consult their respective IFUs.

The Fluent® fluid management system is intended to provide liquid distension of the uterus during diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy, and to monitor the volume differential between the irrigation fluid flowing into and out of the uterus while providing drive, control and suction for hysteroscopic morcellators. The Fluent fluid management system may not be used to introduce fluids into the uterus when hysteroscopy is contraindicated. The system should not be used to remove pathologies from pregnant patients or patients exhibiting pelvic infection, cervical malignancies, or previously diagnosed endometrial cancer. For detailed benefit and risk information, including contraindications relative to endometrial ablation, please consult the Instructions For Use.