Visually Directed. Visually Confirmed.

The MyoSure LITE device can remove small polyps up to 3 cm, and you can also trust that the quantity and quality of the tissue collection will allow for histologic assessment. With the 6.25 mm diameter of the MyoSure hysteroscope, minimal dilation is required during a MyoSure LITE procedure.

MyoSure LITE

With the MyoSure LITE device you can:

  • Visualise the uterine cavity with the MyoSure hysteroscope.
  • Identify and remove suspect pathology for histological assessment.
  • Resect smaller and softer tissue.
  • Complete the procedure efficiently—without removing the hysteroscope.
Get EnLITEned
NICE HMB Guidelines NG88 recommend1:

For women with suspected submucosal fibroids, polyps or endometrial pathology:

  • Ensure that hysteroscopy services are organised to enable progression to ‘see-and-treat’ hysteroscopy in a single setting if feasible.
  • Obtain an endometrial sample only in the context of diagnostic hysteroscopy. Do NOT offer ‘blind’ endometrial biopsy to women with HMB.
95.2% Complete resection of polyps using MyoSure LITE2

The MyoSure LITE device lets you visualise the entire uterine cavity to get a quality tissue specimen.

  1. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). Heavy menstrual bleeding: assessment and management [NG88] Published March 2018
  2. McIlwaine P, McElhinney B, Karthigasu K.A, Hart R; A prospective study of the use of the Myosure resectoscope to manage endometrial polyps in an outpatient setting; ANZJOG 2015, May; DOI: 10.1111/ajo.12382

The MyoSure® tissue removal system, consisting of the MyoSure tissue removal devices (LITE, REACH, XL) and MyoSure controller, is intended for hysteroscopic intrauterine procedures by trained gynecologists to resect and remove tissue including submucous myomas, endometrial polyps, and retained products of conception. The MyoSure MANUAL hysteroscopic tissue removal device is intended for intrauterine use by a trained gynecologist to hysteroscopically resect and remove tissue, including focal lesions such as endometrial polyps and retained products of conception. MyoSure products are not appropriate for patients who are or may be pregnant, or are exhibiting pelvic infection, cervical malignancies, or previously diagnosed uterine cancer.

For more details on risks and benefits of the MyoSure system, MyoSure MANUAL tissue removal device, MyoSure hysteroscope and the Aquilex® fluid control system, please consult their respective IFUs.