What is the MyoSure MANUAL Device?

The MyoSure MANUAL device offers the ability to perform outpatient polypectomy and targeted biopsy under continuous visualisation with the MyoSure hysteroscope – without the complexity, logistics, and costs of the operating room. It is designed for outpatient procedures and to be easy to use.


The Myosure MANUAL device helps you enhance the efficiency of routine intrauterine procedures:

  • Polypectomy of up to three 1-cm polyps
  • Targeted endometrial biopsy

The MyoSure MANUAL device also gives you confidence that you can access all 4 quadrants of the uterine cavity.*


*Based on internal bench testing of a stimulated procedure in a uterine model after which surgeons were asked to state their level of agreement on a Likert scale. N=16 surgeon users.


Perform outpatient hysteroscopic procedures

Increase productivity and efficiencies, rely less on the OR:

  • Reduce time between facilities
  • Take control of scheduling your procedures
  • Improve the cost-effectiveness of procedures



What you will need

The MyoSure MANUAL device offers flexibility with simple, outpatient setup:

Image of MyoSure Manuel device requirements - 1l saline bag, myosure hysteroscope, inflow/outflow tubing


The MyoSure® tissue removal system, consisting of the MyoSure tissue removal devices (LITE, REACH, XL) and MyoSure controller, is intended for hysteroscopic intrauterine procedures by trained gynecologists to resect and remove tissue including submucous myomas, endometrial polyps, and retained products of conception. The MyoSure MANUAL hysteroscopic tissue removal device is intended for intrauterine use by a trained gynecologist to hysteroscopically resect and remove tissue, including focal lesions such as endometrial polyps and retained products of conception. MyoSure products are not appropriate for patients who are or may be pregnant, or are exhibiting pelvic infection, cervical malignancies, or previously diagnosed uterine cancer.

For more details on risks and benefits of the MyoSure system, MyoSure MANUAL tissue removal device, MyoSure hysteroscope and the Aquilex® fluid control system, please consult their respective IFUs.