The Omni® Hysteroscope Suite Just Got Even More versatile.

Optimising diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy with one versatile hysteroscope. Fully compatible with the MyoSure® Tissue Removal System.

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Omni 30° Hysteroscope

Omni Hysteroscope – Enabling Progression.

Designed with you in mind, to allow you to perform your best work, the Omni Hysteroscope Suite is suitable for use within an operating room or outpatient setting.

  • Precise HD rod lens optics enables an optimal See & Treat experience.
  • The Omni Hysteroscope is available with viewing angles of 0° and 30°. Together with the 3 interchangeable sheaths per angle and a longer working length of 200 mm, enables optimising hysteroscopy with flexible diagnostic and surgical options. All this ensures that you can adapt to each patient and the required procedure.
  • The most versatile scope suite available for tissue removal procedures. Omni scopes are compatible with a wide array of accessories including Omni® Lok and Omni® 5 French Seal which adapts to your preferred tools of choice.
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Omni Angles

Clear, Customised, Comprehensive

Omni Scopes

The Omni Hysteroscope Suite gives you confidence by offering rod lenses for quality visualisation throughout procedures.

  1. Continuous flow with removable outflow channel
  2. Seal design that helps prevent fluid splash
  3. Flexibility to support multiple light source attachments
  4. Operative sheath with 6.0 mm outer diameter
  5. Operative sheath with 5.5 mm outer diameter
  6. Diagnostic sheath with 3.7 mm outer diameter
  7. 0° and 30° angle each with 80° field of view provides a wide view of the uterine cavity

Two kit options to fit your practice needs:

Compatibility with the MyoSure suite

For detailed benefit and risk information, please refer to the Omni Hysteroscope IFU and Omni Instrument Tray IFU

Omni Hysteroscope: Component Overview & Procedure Preparation

The following instructional video introduces the components of the Omni Hysteroscope and Tray and how to prepare them for diagnostic and MyoSure operative procedures.

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